Tao Multi-Gem Bracelet



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Bracelet TAO is an iconic bracelet created in perfect Ziio style handcrafted in Italy.

In Eastern philosophy the symbol of Tao represents the journey, a movement between two extremes which are opposite yet complementary, for example, masculine and the feminine, darkness and light, strength and delicacy.

The Bracelet Tao embraces these contrasts, expressed through the variety of shapes and colors of the gems – onyx, tourmaline, lapis lazuli with both geometric and defined shapes – represent the powerful, the masculine, and the dark,

The gems of turquoise, phosphosiderite, chrysoprase, zircon represent the light, the feminine, and the delicate.

The Bracelet Tao reveals the story of the universe in each of us, where opposites are brought together in a fragile balance.

Size is adjustable by moving the button to the desired length.


Width – 2.5″


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Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 in