My designs are unique and are influenced by what I see around me in the everyday. Most of it is influenced by nature; above ground, in the skies and below the seas! Urban centers and architecture also play a significant role in what I make. Shape, color, texture, content, material composition and position, are all important to me, whether it’s a tall building or a tiny pebble on the beach. I’ve been interested in making ‘things’ with my hands from a very early age. Later, at age 13 I took metal-shop in school for several years and then won school prizes for my silver wire jewelry. I loved technical drawing and later completed a degree in engineering design.

After a career in software design, I realized something big was missing in my life. I really missed working with my hands – and have finally made the transition back to making ‘things’ – beautiful things. I’ve attended San Francisco State University metals program and taken various workshops at California College of Arts. My sterling silver and gold jewelry is handmade in my studio.

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