Anouk Jewelry

Anat Kaplan studied, appraised, curated, taught, and created various forms of art all on the road to finding the place her spirit truly sings: jewelry design.

The treasures of ancient and natural worlds have captivated Anat since girlhood and are her inspirations for Anouk creations still today. Moscow-born, Israel-raised and now Toronto-based, Anat solders myriad modern-day cultures with ancient mythology, crafting jewelry a Roman goddess might wear. Or an advertising manager. Or a mermaid.

She believes that through adornment we can share all that is artful about our own stories. We can connect with one another, with ourselves, and with our ancient lineage – real and imagined.

“ You cannot think of treasure without having your imagination sparked. ”

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results